Alteration & Repairs

As well as our expert and professional dry cleaning service, we also provide a wide range
of garment repair and alteration services. We can work with all type of clothes as well as
repair shoes and leather handbags.

It can be a real shame when you find that your favorite dress has ripped, or if pair of
trousers has shrunk. Well, we at Caspian Dry Cleaners can help. Our staffs have years of
experience altering and repairing clothes, with fantastic results.

We only use the very best material and we take pride in our high level of customer service.

Garmet alteration

Replacing pockets
Replacing lining

Shoe and leather repair

At Caspian Dry Cleaners, we can offer a wide range of shoe and leather repair services.
From handbags that need new straps to shoes with damaged heels. We can also replace
leather and rubber soles