Laundry & Ironing

Does the weekly washing get you down? Is it one chore you’d do anything to avoid? Then
simply drop off your laundry a and we’ll wash, dry, iron and fold it beautifully. Our great
value laundry service is ideal for everyday clothes, such as jeans, shorts, T-shirts, gym
kits, tops and pyjamas – and even household textiles like bed linen, towels and cushion

So whether you’re a busy career professional, or a parent trying to juggle the demands of
work and children, why not make life easier? Caspian dry cleaning can ease the pressure,
and give you more time to enjoy yourself and your family.

Shirt Laundry Service

Would you like freshly cleaned, pressed and ironed shirts in just 48 hours? Then
Caspian Dry Cleaners can help. Our shirt laundry service guarantees your shirts will be
ready 48 hours after you drop them in to us. If we’re late for any reason, we won’t charge
you for the service. So why not give us a whirl today?

Ironing service

Pressed for time, or just hate ironing? Then you’ll love our convenient Ironing Service. With
us you don’t have to worry about mountains of crumpled clothes piling up at home. Simply
bring in your laundered garments and household textiles and we’ll press everything to
perfection. Soon, all the frustrations of ironing delicate pleats and in-between button holes
will be a distant memory.